By Artist Lesley Brooks

Still Life

Shadow Space
  1. Gazania Sun
    Gazania Sun
  2. Gazania Moon
    Gazania Moon
  2. Voyage to Spring
  3. TitleMint Cup and Stars
  4. Blue Shadow - Orange Stars
Shadow Space - Oil Paintings by Lesley Brooks

Still life ‘caught in a sunny corner’ is a theme I often explore in paint. I find the under painting very enjoyable, and if the composition is considered I can sense that a good outcome is within my grasp. I am now beginning to think about the landscape beyond the windowsill; there is just a suggestion of this at the moment.
I regularly plan and work on two or three paintings at a time, which means the problem solving, e.g. the colour pallet or tonal values or decorative devises that I explore for one can transfer to another and therefore resonate across the group.